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CLEARFLOW Logistics Platform

CLEARFLOW is a proprietary logistics platform used to manage all aspects of CLEARGOL’s business, back office, customer facing, and revenue generation activities. CLEARFLOW is a web based application that can be accessed over the Internet or private networks through mobile devices, tablets, laptops and PC’s.

CLEARFLOW enables highly efficient operation, allowing CLEARGOL to double the productivity of available resources. CLEARFLOW is used on a daily basis for all aspects of CLEARGOL’s operations.

CLEARFLOW runs on any device with a web browser, including smart phones, tablets, and laptops. The smartphone interface lets technicians manage service calls without clipboards and paper tickets. The application captures onsite and travel time, parts used, and lets the user enter notes using a smartphone or laptop. Guided workflow and automated site completion packages that don't require manual transcription reduces back-office costs and accelerates the billing cycle.

CLEARFLOW provides field service automation where it belongs, at the technicians' fingertips. Workforce productivity is maximized by giving field staff access to real-time data, and removing the burden of paper-based reporting. Immediate communication of updates to the back office eliminates the burden of repeated requests for status updates.

CLEARFLOW consists of independent modules which integrate into the core CLEARFLOW framework. The module based approach allows CLEARGOL to expand the capabilities of the CLEARFLOW application as needed and integrate into all aspects of operations.

As a single, unified, and highly customizable application, CLEARFLOW provides greater advantage to CLEARGOL than a cobbled together group of separate “off the shelf” applications. CLEARFLOW is also significantly less costly than an equivalent commercial solution, without any licensing restrictions.

Site Manager Features

Site Manager is an industry specific module designed and built specific to the wireless develop and integration business for CLEARGOL. Through CLEARFLOW’s site manager module CLEARFLOW has greatly reduced project specific overhead costs by automating most aspects of project management and reporting tasks. Every man-hour saved not only reduces cost, but is also an additional man-hour available for sale. Further, easing the burden of administrative tasks allows a technician to focus on his primary goal, namely the successful completion their job assignment.

Site Identification and Location. GPS location provides automated detection of what site the technician is working on. It also provides direction on locating sites, which can often be in difficult to find places, saving significant travel time and reducing distraction hazard of navigating while driving.

Site Data. Technicians can independently obtain site data, access details, and other important information right from a mobile device. The ready access provides dramatically improved efficiency on a daily basis, and particularly during unanticipated reroutes.

Voice Updates. CLEARFLOW can initiate an automated voice call to a central office, NOC, and war room to provide an alert of presence on site, or other such routine call-in required by wireless carriers’ standard operating procedures. Alleviating the technician from manual performance of this routine task can save as much as thirty minutes per site, which can sum to hours during the course of a business day.

Text Updates. Important information such as; schedules, gate combos, equipment location and contact info can be sent to the technician by TEXT messaging.

Photo Management. Work completion reports are often accompanied by photos of the affected areas. Technicians immediately upload these photos remotely from the field directly from their mobile device, thus dramatically increasing the speed of information movement, as well as eliminating the risk of later confusion or loss.

Site Closeout Packages. At the completion of a job work order a “closeout package” is required, and involves manually intensive process of information gathering and transcription to standardized forms. CLEARFLOW automatically generates closeout packages. Site documents are created, and site photos, logs and data are all packaged appropriately and sent to designated people and systems.

Safety Data . JSA documents are automatically generated and available for techs to print out from any computer or printer.

Reports. Reporting is a necessary but time consuming task. CLEARFLOW automatically generates and distributes hourly, daily, and weekly reports, custom designed to client and project requirements.