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The vast majority of the world is still waiting for broadband service. In the well-populated parts of developed countries, existing wireline phone and cable TV infrastructure made broadband relatively easy to offer, and availability is now very high. Everywhere else, the high costs of current options, such as deploying new wireline infrastructure or large-scale macro-cellular wireless models like WiMAX, are big barriers to further broadband subscriber growth.

We’ve solved this problem. Our field-proven Smart Wi-Fi approach to wireless broadband access opens vast new segments of customers to broadband operators. We dramatically reduce the capital costs of broadband infrastructure (by factors of 5x or more), which in combination with build-as-you grow business models can deliver attractively short breakeven timelines even in very low-ARPU markets.

The CLEARPOINT Wi-Fi and CLEARPOINT Ethernet Broadband products are complete end-to-end solution for last-mile access. They both include customer premise equipment and comprehensive network-wide element and service management. Learn more about CLEARPOINT:

CLEARPOINT Broadband Circuits