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In-Building DAS

CLEARGOL offers turnkey packages inclusive of the initial site survey through the design, installation, and maintenance of the system to take the burden off of our customers. Alternatively, our customers can select any of the services in our in-building wireless services suite at a component level, such as design or installation only. The CLEARGOL Team collaborates with our customers to define precise requirements, and customizes each solution to meet our customer's specific needs.

Installation Services

CLEARGOL’s installation team delivers in-building wireless systems that range in scale from small co-axial cable based repeater systems to multi-service fiber distributed antenna systems that sprawl an entire campus.

Nationwide Installation Services

CLEARGOL utilizes a mixture of our own installation technicians and proven cable installation trusted partners to ensure scalability and maintain a national scope. Each installation is closely managed by one of CLEARGOL’s highly experienced Field Construction Managers.

Cable Integrity Verification

CLEARGOL’s technicians will ensure that fiber and coaxial cable installations comply with TIA/ISO standards. We are equipped with Optical Time Domain Reflectometers and Cable Sweep Analyzers to quickly identify and resolve faults. CLEARGOL can also offer both copper and fiber cable plant certification services.

Equipment Manufacturer Relationships

CLEARGOL has developed relationships with the industry’s top equipment manufacturers. These relationships provide us with a wide array of options to ensure that customer’s coverage, building code, and aesthetic needs are fulfilled. Below are just a few of the vendors that CLEARGOL utilizes to successfully implement in-building networks:

  • MobileAccess
  • Andrew Corporation
  • Allgon / Powerwave
  • Laird Technologies (Cushcraft)
  • Cellular Specialties
  • PCTEL / Maxrad
  • Huber+Suhner
  • Kathrein-Scala
  • Microlab/FXR
  • R-Tron
  • Dekolink
  • Advanced RF
  • Radio Frequency Systems
  • Corning
  • Times Microwave
  • Trilogy Coax
  • Rohn Products
  • Nello Corporation

Reseller Relationships

CLEARGOL’s relationships with resellers such as TESSCO Technologies and Hutton Communications allow us to bundle equipment orders across multiple manufacturers and ensure timely delivery of all equipment.

Field Construction Management

As previously stated, CLEARGOL is unmatched in project management efficiency and professionalism. Our Project Managers’ field installation oversight ensures that each wireless in-building system is delivered to meet, and often exceed, our customers’ design, installation, aesthetic, and safety specifications.

Installation Documentation

CLEARGOL technicians document all critical DAS information. We maintain this data to ensure that our teams can provide rapid response to any future maintenance needs. Common data points for installation documentation include: repeater attenuation settings, BTS output power measurements, cable labeling schema, coaxial cable sweep measurements, fiber optic cable OTDR results, and fiber component output power levels. Our installation documentation package can be customized to meet any customer's specific needs.

System Acceptance Testing and Verification

CLEARGOL's Engineering Team will measure and record newly enhanced in-building RF coverage levels provided by the macro cellular network to verify that all in-building system design requirements have been met. Depending upon our customers' needs, CLEARGOL engineers record channel, signal strength, and signal quality readings from mobile handset(s) at pre-determined intervals. Or if a more thorough analysis is necessary, CLEARGOL will perform a thorough building walk recording coverage and service performance measurements using advanced RF scanning / recording equipment. CLEARGOL offers ATP services for systems that we install as well as for customers wishing to bring in an independent third party to verify system acceptance.

In-Building System Maintenance

At CLEARGOL, our goal is to ensure that the in-building systems we deploy are worry-free to our customers. Our technicians will perform rigorous, regularly scheduled preventive maintenance inspections if required by our customers. We also offer flexible and prompt repair and response programs.

Turnkey Engineering and Installation Services

The CLEARGOL Engineering Technical Services Suite has been designed with the flexibility to meet diverse customer requirements. We offer turnkey packages inclusive of the initial site survey through the design, installation, and maintenance of the system to take the burden off of our customers. Alternatively, CLEARGOL customers can select any combination of our services to uniquely meet their needs. Regardless of the services they choose, our customers can expect sound engineering expertise, rigorous project management proficiency, and thorough documentation packages.