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CLEARGOL Power Infrastructure

At CLEARGOL power is fed into our colocation facility from two utility feeds backed by natural gas generator. In addition, we have our own onsite green power substation that provides our network unlimited green power, and multiple feeds for client hardware with more than one power supply.

Green Power

Our state-of-the-art colocation facility is equipped with green power equipment powered by our solar and wind generators. Backup power comes from our natural gas generator and our fully redundant PDU’s, Transfer Switches.

We also regularly test our components by doing heavy load and failover testing to ensure that all components are functioning properly at all time.  This is one of the main components that make our organization a step above many others.


One of the most important decisions we made when building CLEARGOL was taking into account redundancy.  This means from a customer’s perspective you never have to worry about a power outage.  Our colocation facility has dual power feeds, PDU’s, transfer switches, UPS, and generators.  We also have our own green power substation on site
that provides over 10.15MVA of power for customers looking to expand their environment; you’ll never be stuck when you need to upgrade your amperage.  Another prime factor is that our generators power our cooling, this is extremely important as most facilities only use there generators and UPS systems for core equipment, we use them for everything guaranteeing that you machines will not only stay online but will keep the proper  temperature which is so critical for today’s generation of hardware.

Unlimited Fuel Reserve

Another primary issue with backup power depending on the scenario is how long the outage can last.  At CLEARGOL we run on natural gas eliminating the need for fuel companies.

At our colocation facility since everything is setup with complete redundancy, it  differentiates us from a lot of providers since we can offer completely redundant power feeds, both being fed from separate PDU’s that are in separate locations coming in via separate risers.  If you choose a redundant power feed option, we are able to provide you with a 99.9% SLA on power!