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Virtual Servers


Virtualizing your IT infrastructure lets you reduce IT costs while increasing the efficiency, utilization, and flexibility of your existing assets. With a single server functioning as multiple virtual servers, you can efficiently access and manage resources to reduce operations and systems management costs while maintaining needed capacity.

Benefit from IT flexibility and responsiveness with a single, consolidated view of, and easy access to, all available resources in the network, regardless of location. You’ll not only reduce your hardware footprint, but you enjoy benefits such as easy hardware reuse and redeployment, simplified server configuration, and streamlinked provisioning and maintenance. Get real benefits. Lower costs, save energy and make your business more agile.

Benefits of Virtualization Include:

  • Maximize capital and operating costs savings
  • Increase availability of hardware and applications for improved business continuity
  • Reduce hardware requirements
  • Gain operational flexibility
  • Get more out of your existing resources

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We’ve developed partnerships with many leading manufacturers to ensure the solutions we provide incorporate the latest hardware and software. And we’re staying involved with industry partners to deliver robust solutions and make them easily accessible.
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Private Cloud Hosting

Private Cloud Hosting

Enjoy the security of your own private infrastructure using the latest virtualization technologies. Private Cloud solutions provide the ultimate in flexibility, scalability and availability. Learn More about Private Cloud Hosting.


Design, plan and deploy sophisticated virtual infrastructures to meet your technical and business needs. VMware delivers customer-proven solutions that significantly reduce IT complexity and enable more flexible, agile service delivery. Request more information today!